Red Wigglers Worms

Do your gardens need compost? Are you looking to help feed the larvae of a favorite bug? Red Wigglers Farm is right for you.

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Importance of Red Wigglers

The red wiggler is a type of earthworm that has been proven to be the most efficient at breaking down organic matter. They are able to do this by secreting enzymes, and having a longer digestive system. This allows them to eat more while providing excellent soil conditioner for your garden or compost pile. In addition, they can consume their own weight in an hour!

Say hello to our red wigglers! These invertebrates are a great source of manure for the vegetable garden. They eat plant matter, excrete castings (fertilizer), and reproduce quickly–all in all they make the perfect addition to any composting plan. Contact RedWigglersFarm today for more information about these wonderful creatures that could be helping your garden reach its full potential.

Why Worm Composting?

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