About Red Wigglers Farm

RedWigglersFarm is a small farm in Virginia that specializes in live red wrigglers for your garden compost. We sell guaranteed live worms and are passionate about the benefits of using them to make compost which can be used to grow healthy, organic produce.

Stop feeding your soil a steady diet of awful, toxic waste. Switch to red wrigglers from RedWigglersFarm! Our composting worms are the go-to for gardeners all over the world, and they’re responsible for turning ordinary kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer for gardens everywhere.
It’s time to put those worthless zucchini skins back into action. They’ll be ready in just five weeks or less – no other living thing on earth can do that better than our happy little worm friends here at RedWigglersFarm!

Stop using hazardous fertilizers like manure and chemical plant food; get the best product available when it comes to perfecting soil health with red wigglers today.


Virginia, USA


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